AIRIZ is a Premium Sanitary Napkin

AIRIZ is a Premium Sanitary Napkin with Breathing technology along with Anion strips. Airiz has negatively charged Anion strip which has the natural property of releasing NASCENT OXYGEN.Anion Strips has also proved to kill 99.9% bacteria which will eliminate odour, fatigue, irritation, and other discomforts.Anion Strip regulates air flow, letting the skin breathe which prevents rashes, bacterial growth & odour. Anion strip also helps in absorbing faster which help in staying dry & comfortable all long day. Airiz Napkins have 8layer protection with no perfume, no print so no more discomfort, no odor, no rashes, no bacteria so feel light & comfortable with 0 leakage.Airiz’s happy customers always welcome periods with a warm smile.

Tiens Airiz Sanitary Napkin most powerful product in world….
Take Care Girls and Save Girls…..

Sanitary Napkin
Sanitary Napkin

Are you suffering for fibroid, Itching, Vagina Infection, Bad Odur , Toilet infections, diabetic wound, Irregular and painful menstruation and hormonal inbalance CONCEVING PROBLEM* worry no more as I present to you the ultimate. Demo TIENS Airiz Sanitary Napkins (Day and Night use) and Panty Liner that pull out those infection at the comfort of your home. Contact me  if you are interested in knowing more… Call @ 9782824113

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