How To Stay Motivated During The Tough Times – Nitin Pujari

The pandemic has retailed our lives. The ‘New Normal’ has become a part of our daily routines. However, people are not finding it easy to adapt to this new style of working as well as living. Depression is taking a new toll and people are losing hope. We have forgotten to stay positive and the lockdowns and work from home schedules have literally detached us from the real world.

During the pandemic, most of us have lost our loved ones, have been through hard times, emotionally and physically. In these tough times, Nitin Pujari, shares his valuable knowledge on how to stay motivated. Inspiring the people to not lose hope and how to keep negativity away, Nitin Pujari Ji says, “Locking yourself in homes due to the pandemic, the biggest challenge in life is to keep yourself positive and motivated. After a long solitude, the energy of daily activities is no longer visible as before. Now you do not feel like getting up early in the morning or going to the gym, park or swimming. In such a situation, we need to stay motivated and positive.”

Below are a few tips shared by Nitin Pujari, to stay motivated during tough times.

•    According to Nitin Pujari, there are two types of motivation in life, extrinsic and intrinsic. With external motivation, a person does things like earning money and internal motivation is to improve personality, help others, get peace of mind and acquire knowledge or enjoy some sporting activity. In difficult times, we should focus on the internal motivation to stay positive.

•    Nitin Pujari Ji says, the pandemic has given us an opportunity to know what matters more in life. He further adds that ask yourself what is more important for you and try to find happiness in small things rather than materialism. He says that you need to face what is happening in your lives rather than running away from it.

Nitin Pujari also shares the connection of positivity with the mind. He believes that when humans do good deeds, the brain circuits that play an important role in their own well-being, that is, caring for others are a gift to themselves. To achieve this, he suggests making small goals and focusing on achieving them.

Nitin Pujari further adds, “In times of crisis, people start considering light work as meaningless. This ends the joy and makes life full of despair. Therefore, the need to set goals in daily life is important. Achieving these goals will bring happiness and energy. Then you will start moving from one goal to another, helping you to stay happy even in tough times.

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