CERVICAL MUCUS: Knowing how a female body works can be empowering!

Dr Sabah Mir

It is secreted by glands found in and around the cervix. Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s reproductive cycle change the amount and consistency of this mucus. Cervical mucus may also be called cervical fluids.

Two main job is to:-
•Prevent things from entering the uterus through the cervix .
•Nourish and help transport sperm through the cervix into the uterus.

While everyone’s body is different, the general changes that cervical mucus goes through are:-
•Menstruation (which isn’t cervical mucus, but you won’t be able to detect it when you’re menstruating anyway)
•Dry or sticky
•To creamy like lotion
•To wet and watery
•To a raw egg white consistency
•Then, back to dry and sticky
•Until menstruation again

•If what you find seems sticky, or findings are scant, you’re probably not ovulating yet.
•If what you find is creamy, ovulation may be coming, but not just yet.
•if what you find is wet, watery, and slightly stretchy, ovulation is very likely close.
•If what you find is very wet, stretches between your fingers for an inch or more, and resembles a raw egg white, your cervical mucus is very fertile. Ovulation is right around the corner.

There are many reasons why your vaginal discharge may appear to change. These can include emotional stress, dietary changes, pregnancy, medications (including birth control pills), and sexual arousal. While increased frequency can be annoying, in many cases it’s normal. However, some changes such as foul odor, change in consistency or color, and discharge paired with cramping pain can indicate a potential medical problem so consult a doctor in that case.

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