Eye-opener Discussion : Heart & Health

Dr Yashashree Chauhan

I don’t need to tell you the importance of heart health. We all know how important it is to maintain heart health for our healthy life. So to create this awareness we celebrate World Heart Day on 29th September.
Whenever we are sad, restless, happy, anxious, frightened, excited we feel all these emotions and our heart shows reaction through palpitations. Our world revolves around the terms like strong hearted, weak hearted, heartless  stone hearted but pay less attention towards this valuable heart.
Doctors always advised to eat less salt, oily food, bakery products to prevent diseases like atherosclerosis, cardiac arrest etc. But how many of us is really able or try to follow this diet?! I am sure noone is!
At 40’s we have to start treatment for blood pressure and diabetes It has become norm for our society to take pills for lifetime. But can’t we all decide to get rid of this unnecessary medication by trying to maintain our health.
To walk 30 mins everyday, it increases good cholesterol in your body. How many times everyone has given this advice! But do we relly gather our energy to do this?!
What is the reason of decreasing life expectancy?! Why young members of our society are dying? Many will say that it’s because of “stress”. Stess about financial status, relationships, higher expectations from oneself. But can’t we all live in the reality?! Can’t we work hard for the things we want to achieve! Can’t we try to spent less amount on unnecessary stuffs to avoid landing in the financial crisis? Because it just takes 06 months consistency to get 05 years ahead in your life.
If you are in your middle age try to be active socially, learn new languages, learn one music instrument. With this normalise riding bicycle. Because awareness can be created with the help of everyone’s initiative.
So here I have discussed about diet, lifestyle, work pattern. But to keep yourself updated about heart you must do blood check up like blood sugar, cholesterol levels, ECG with the opinion of your family physician.
Role of Homoeopathy in maintaining heart is undeniable. Sadly it’s significance is still not accepted by many. So take care of your heart with Homoeopathy.
It’s your heart celebrate it every day.


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