Teacher By Profession Wedding Card Designer by Passion

I am Rinki. A teacher by profession! Yes I have worked as a teacher for almost 2-3 years. Due to some unfortunate reason I had to left the job. It took time to cover up but I did! I started searching for new job and gave lot of interviews but all in vain. And after sometime that I got married to Nikhil, a beautiful heart person who is my biggest mentor. After having a lovely baby girl, i went to my mother-in-law and said I want to do something mine. Will you support me? And She said yes! lets do it ! but the main issue was the start point. As our family business was wedding cards manufacturing but I was not at interested in that so took up jewellery! We sold jewellery at just online social media platforms but that was not at a very big scale. But seeing my in laws supporting me like this was the best thing!

My MIL even today use to say ‘ Tu kar, duniya ko main dekh lungi’. Every person in the family use to support me in every way I can. I still remember the day when I got my first order on Facebook, most happiest person was my brother in law, Gulshan. He made me learn minute details of business. Things were going smoothly for three long years, we shifted to new place in Delhi. Bad luck hadn’t gone! Pandemic came and our family business crashed. That was really a hard time for all of us as Me and Nikhil were at new place, while in laws at our native home. Survival was really difficult. Even though Nikhil is working in MNC but seeing the situation of every one during pandemic just moved me. I decided to open a new firm Vishakha Collections Designer Premium Customized Wedding Invitation Cards – GS-040 | Vishakha Collections on Amazon and other platforms but survival for jewellery there was very difficult.

Secondly after first wave of corona, our family business was also not doing very well. We both, me and Nikhil even noticed that people don’t want to come in the market and want wedding cards fully customised according to their need and at their doorstep. So we now knew what we have to do! That point was the turning point and after that there was no looking back. We both Me and Nikhil took up wedding cards on online platform and now we are here! I still remember the day when Nikhil gave me 5000 rs to start my business and now we have a more than 700+ wedding invitation cards in our collection !

We have huge varieties of wedding cards starting from rs 6 to rs 2000 and more! Our website showcase all our products to the customers and customers have the freedom to choose their cards, and customise it according to them. We provide wedding cards in full ready to use condition at your doorstep. Just place the order and leave rest on us! People can check out and select the collection while sitting in USA and get it delivered to their parents in India. It feels really great when our customers use to say that ‘they have received the cards and they are exactly what they wanted’ and even some of them actually use to invite us to their wedding! There appreciations motivated us to do more and more and give best of us.

We even have eco-friendly seed paper Wedding invitation cards which you can order directly from us. From simple low budget 6 cards , a variety of elegant digital, offset, scroll, box cards, MDF, Laser cut cards! We have almost all the varieties of cards. If you still don’t like any and have your own design and want it to get printed, then also we are here. We will print the design you have made and that too at nominal charges!

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