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Rekha Jha

Shiksha Samroh is extremely honoured and privileged to give financial support to Nine girls from humble background. This organisation has been successful in providing their school fee from November 2021 to March 2022. This sponsoring of dignitaries from different fields has allowed everyone at Shiksha Samroh, to see how great service can be made to the people who work really hard to achieve something and a little financial help from unknown quarters can be a great blessing for them. We are extremely indebted to our sponsors who believed in our noble cause and supported it wholeheartedly.

We have promised to provide support to these nine girls with regards to their education and skill development, thereby ensuring their overall growth and happiness. We believe that this small support from our side will lead to them becoming self dependent in the long run.

Help us in this noble venture!
For donation, guidance and support, one can connect with us at the following links:

Email at
Facebook Page at

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