Homoeopathy – A pathy that changed lives of millions and still working to change lives of zillions

Dr Sabah Mir

#Homoeopathy was first introduced and discovered by Dr Christian Friedrich Sammuel Hahneman in 1796. (To know more about his life go through this link- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Hahnemann )
Homoeopathy started its spark and base in and from Germany and later on spread worldwide with tremendous results.
The doctrine is called “similia similibus curentur” means “like cures like”; which simply means that substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people. It is timed, tried & tested method. Medicines are proven on healthy human beings under all possible scenarios with constant rules-regulation moreover with the proper record-keeping & keen observations of provers & by the observers.
The method of proving as I mentioned above is known as #Drug_Proving hence remedies have their respective place in #Materia_Medica.
Homoeopathy ever since came into existence been an “alternate medicine” it stayed into highlights by Critics and Orthodox. But as we all know, criticism & objections in your way of journey is extremely useful as it only motivates & urges you to rise above all. Just to add on into it; I would like to mention that when you’re being criticized for contributing for the sake of humanity then you must realize that you’re going on the right path. Matter of fact is even after being attacked by #Orthodox Dr. Hahnemann never quit; he dedicated his whole life in proving his theories as written in #Organon_Of_Medicine .
• Homoeopathy was planted by Dr. Hahnemann in Germany. • ” Similia similibus curentur ” is its Doctrine. • Drug provings has a place in a book called ” MATERIA MEDICA”
• Homoeopathy was & is known as alternate medicine.
• Orthodox always criticized Homoeopathy.
• Homoeopathy is a Timed, Tested & Tried pathy. • For a beginner it is important to rise above all the criticism. • ORGANON OF MEDICINE consists of all the secrets, methods & THEORIES of cure. .

Dr Sabah Mir

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