Reena Wal

artist is participating in an online Art Fair by Art Grooves from 14th November 2021 to 28th February, 2022.

Right from early childhood, Reena was into doodling and drawing. Fascinated with colours , she started to fill colours into her creations, and made them come alive. Seeing her talent and a flair for all things artistic, her parents encouraged her to pursue watercolours.

With time , life tooknover and other things gained precedence. However at all times, she did not let go of her calling. With an eye for everything beautiful and aesthetic, Reena pursued a successful career as an Interior Designer. She then went on to becoming an Entrepreneur, which gave her the flexibility to live a life of choices and the time to enjoy her hobbies.

Reena knew she would get back to her passion for painting and the Pandemic provided the right space and quiet time. And in April 2020 the artist in Reena was reborn. Driven by her inner strength, she turned out several paintings ever since. Each piece is an expression of her distinct style.
She has received much appreciation from friends and family and that inspires her to set no boundaries to her world of Art.

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