Artist Karishma Tomar

artist is participating in an online Art Fair by Art Grooves from 14th November 2021 to 28th February, 2022.

I am a Lucknow based artist. I was always very passionate about art since I was a little girl, I use to draw with chalks anywhere possible. I started working with different mediums like sketching with graphite and charcoal and painting with water colors, oil colors and Acrylic colors.

Usually I love to work in Acrylic Medium with different styles and patterns. I like to create textures with subtle bling in my artworks. I have got many National level certificates for my paintings and also got featured on some art pages on Instagram.

My collection contains different ideas, styles and techniques all together. Working in acrylics on canvas I like to use bright colors and rich tones , so that my artwork can brighten up and change a dull and boring space into a positive and lively place.

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