Homoeopathy In Neurological Disorders; Leaving Misconceptions Behind

“Let’s step ahead and educate ourselves by how Homoeopathy works effectively in Neurological disorders as well. This isn’t any surprise about how miraculously it gives results in no time leaving all myths and misconceptions behind
Indeed, we can not claim homoeopathy for emergency medicine but it’s effective to work in treating long-standing disorders like EPILEPSY.
Are you surviving an eternal fear of having an Epileptic seizure anytime, anywhere, dissuading you from appreciating a normal life, affecting your relationships, job, interfering with your recreational choices and freedom to drive, then Homoeopathy is your answer.
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can strike at any age when the normal electrical activity of the brain is temporarily interrupted, stirring various mental & physical functions, resulting in seizures, that is, hysterical paroxysms of muscle twitching, along with changes in attention or behaviour.
Epilepsy is not elicited by mental illness or retardation, people with Epilepsy can have average or above-average intelligence. Aberrant brain development, Illness, brain damage, or any other trigger that interrupts the normal pattern of neuron activity in the brain can lead to seizures either Epileptic or Non-epileptic. Epileptic seizures can vary in a category depending on the part and size of the brain affected. Non-epileptic seizures are not recurrent and can be engendered by a drug reaction or withdrawal, toxicity, high fevers especially in children, stress, psychiatric conditions, pregnancy eclampsia, sudden rise in blood pressure, metabolic disturbances, electrolyte imbalances, etc.

•Deep & Detailed Case taking.
•Obtaining authentic history from the witness.
• Establishment of the cause.
• Past medical history or family history.
• Blood glucose both fasting and post-food.
• CBC.
• Calcium and phosphorus levels.
• Imaging: CT scan, and MRI (also MRI angiography) is indicated to evaluate the structural changes in brain.
• Electroencephalogram (EEG) is suggested for non conclusive status.

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