Lawyer By Profession Artist by Passion

artist is participating in an online Art Fair by Art Grooves from 14th November 2021 to 28th February, 2022.

Kamini Misra is a lawyer by profession, but her calling has always been art. It was in her mid 30’s that she actively decided to pursue it, and has not looked back! She has spent her childhood in culturally rich cities like Lucknow, Banaras and Mumbai, which have informed her work extensively.
Her work is depictive of women and their struggles, based on some real life stories she has collected through her work with her foundation. Her work also consists narratives about the life of Buddha, and she has created many Madhubani and Warli art paintings. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but she enjoys painting walls, glass, cloth, maintaining the belief that art is everywhere, you just have to see it.
Some of her pieces are below:
महाप्रयाण (Mahaprayan)

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