Art Fair by Art Grooves – 14th Nov 2021 – 28th Feb 2022

ART GROOVES is an Art forum which was started by Poornima Dayal in early 2020 when the pandemic had just began.

Triveni Mahajan
Triveni Mahajan

Being an artist herself since three decades and having displayed her works across several countries, Poornima realized that there are scores of extremely talented artists and photographers in search of a platform. She wondered how various artists across the globe would be exhibiting their works since all the galleries had shut down.

Sandhya Jathar

That’s when the idea of Art meet came up. Art meet is an online platform where artists display their art works and specially invited guests of eminence inspire them to discover their talent and blossom as professionals.

Reena Wal

ART GROOVES, is Poornima’s Pro Bono initiative which has over a hundred associated artists and skilled amateur photographers. These are home makers, enthusiastic professionals with tremendous skills and young, budding student artists.

Piyush Mathur
Piyush Mathur

ART GROOVES conducted its first online Art Fair in February 2021. This was critically acclaimed, widely reported in some leading national dailies and was very successful.

On Nov 14th 2021 it launched its 2nd online art exhibition.

This time there are 34 participating artists with about 100+ works on display including an amazing variety of paintings, photographs as well as artefacts. Renowned artist Late Mr.Bireswar Sen’s wonderful works are on display. He is one of India’s most celebrated artists and practitioners of the ‘Wash’ technique of paintings.

Along with Mr.Sen we also have Mr.Aakash Poddar’s delightful photography. Aakash is a self-taught artist capturing the by-lanes of India. His photos have been featured by Apple and OloClip, and at various local events.

Mallika Gurnani
Mallika Gurnani

The Artists participating in the Art Fair include:- Triveni Mahajan, Ambika Vij, Anjum Shah, Arinjoy Dhar, Arjun Cheruparambil, Arti Chopra, Devanshi Damani, Hasrat Ali, Kamini Misra, Karishma Tomar, Kumar Amlendu Pathak, Leher Ali, Mallika Gurnani, Neeraj Chandra, Neysa Bhatia, Payal Sarvaiya, Piyush Mathur, Poornima Dayal, Priya Bhave, Reena Wal, Rhea Shah, Ria Sircar, Roma Soni, Rritu Goel, Sabiha Hasan Sumbul, Sandhya Jathar, Sapna Anand, Shefali Bhushan, SoHa Dalwai, Suneil Baukhandi, Tanu Shree and Vasudha Arora

Triveni Mahajan’s enamel on copper is worth a mention here.

In Sept 2021 ART GROOVES also introduced the concept of ‘Artist of the Month’ where ART GROOVES selects an artist to display their works and this runs throughout the month.
The ‘Artist of the Month’ for Nov 2021 is Sapna Anand.
To check out all the art works by the artists exhibiting in the fair please click on the below link. Please click on each artists thumb nail to see their works:

ART GROOVES can be contacted through the following ways:


IG handle :@artgrooves


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