Kunlaphat Ruttanathawon best Artisit from Buriram, Thailand

Hello everyone,  I don’t know where to start. It’s quite something new to me. Someone from banaras times Contact me, After I posted the first drawing on the Actress Soundarya page. I’m particularly excited because this is the first time someone has contacted me. In addition, some Indian artist fan pages contacted me asking me to draw for their page. I feel very good and honored, It makes me feel good whenever people like my work. Before I take you guys to see those events. Let me tell you a little bit of my story.

I’m Qing, Since my Thai name is quite difficult to call for foreign friends, I use a Chinese name. Some friends call me Xiaoqing , Qing or Qingqing. My father is of Chinese descent. and my mother is Thai. Since my father couldn’t speak Chinese, he could only write his own surname in Chinese. So I had to learn Chinese by myself. That’s why I started having foreign friends who are Chinese. and began to have more foreign friends both Filipinos, Vietnamese and Indians. Since I drew fan art for my favorite artists’ pages, I had the opportunity to become friends with them. I graduated from an art-related university. But it was a very difficult time. I almost
didn’t finish my studies. The sudden death of my father left me and my family unpredictable. That made me suffer from depression. from many problems, including this.

I didn’t know I was sick at the time and had been living a very dark life. Even the art was dark. During that time there were incidents where women were often attacked. Even today there is still So I started working on that violence. It’s a work of art related to my graduation  my art thesis.

Technique : oil color on canvas

Concept : Every time I saw the news of the murder mayhem or the violence that happened to women whether from news, the Internet and various social media which is increasing day by day, this violence will increase I will have a feeling of depression. and is always saddened by these events. Although these women may not be acquaintances or relatives. but being a woman as well I felt that they were unfair and were treated too harshly. which sometimes the law cannot punish those wicked as it does to you Or sometimes they don’t even  have the right to speak up about the bad things that happened to them. for many reasons. which may be a result of the mental state or the surrounding environment So I was inspired to bring these stories to convey as a creative painting. to reflect the story of violence against women through my feelings about these events.

I’ll explain this to you guys. Because I am very fond of dolls. So I got the idea of work from dolls. Each type of doll has a different feel. For example, porcelain dolls are created like children. And I think Barbie looks the most feminine. So I use Barbie as a female symbol, make they acted as if they were being physically abused. There are also a few more horror-themed artworks. These works of art were created from simple plasticine and painted. It is related to the violence committed by humans against snakes. and related to violence against women It was the first work that I did before I came to do my art thesis.




Of course, these artworks came from my depressed state of mind. I’ve been wasting my time treating this disease for years.
until he did not live a normal life like other children. 
but i’m still lucky I have a mother who supports me. have good friends and I have my boyfriend who is always by my side. Filipino friends, they are very good to me. They brought me good activities. give me a good idea give me positive energy. They took me to Christ Church. Even if that’s not my religion. But they and everyone there were very good to me. So I drew a picture of their god to them.

This picture is a pencil color on paper technique. 

This is a Filipino friend that I love like family.  Next, let me introduce a few of my past paintings and drawing. Each of my drawing has a different technique. My drawings include Chinese ink, pen, pencil color, pencil, oil color, acrylic color, water color or digital paint. I am a person who uses emotion in each drawing. Therefore, without emotions, there will be no drawing at all. As the modern era, many artists are increasingly turning to touch the digital paint. But I still hold just a normal pen. Many people ask me about this. I also studied at one time. And of course, when you haven’t used it for a long time or don’t practice enough, you’ll forget about it. and I am like that….

This is my first practice shot and there won’t be a next time.





It’s not that bad, right?

Take a look at my other works.


acrylic color  


oil color


pencil color


Chinese ink 






Water color

Pen technique drawings originated from these works. It’s a famous manga from Japan and I really like the characters in that manga.  So I drew some fan art and put it on my bedroom wall. I started trying out a sketch pen. But of course the first time
was not successful.  I had to crumple up several sheets of drawing paper,
and threw it in the trash. Sketching with a pen is quite risky. When you’re good at sketching and you make a mistake. You won’t be able to fix it unless you’re willing to throw it out again. But I’m ready to take risks and practice with it. Sketching and detailing with a pen gives you more self-confidence. Because you won’t let your painting get damaged and be more careful.





I started to draw more with a pen. And of course it made me more accurate. both the weight and the aspect ratio of the image. I started drawing for fan pages of my favorite artists. The first page is Vietnamese artists (Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân). I know him from some of his songs on YouTube (Tự Tâm). His drawings were drawn with both a pencil and a pen.






I also wrote a comic for his song anniversary. My Vietnamese fans love it because it’s a funny comic.







After that I started drawing for a Chinese artist. He is Zhang Zhe Han. Now he is experiencing the great monsoons of his life. The picture I drew for him was rather depressing. because it reflected the pain of him and all his fans including me.


And in the next place is an Indian artist. Many people wondered how I got to know her. Alright, I’ll tell you. When I was very young My mom always likes to buy me movies or cartoons from the CD shop. One of them has Indian movies with Thai dubs as well. Yes, Soundarya is the first Indian artist I know. Actually, I’m too young to even know her.

I only knew she was beautiful and I liked her since then. I had forgotten her until I grew up and started to learn how to use social media, I suddenly thought of her and started searching for her. i found her But it was too late… I found out that she was dead. That made me sad for weeks until I couldn’t eat. Yes, it sounds a bit too much, but it’s true. I was obsessed with finding her story until I found her page on IG. and started drawing her picture and sending it to the admin of the page. When admin posted my first drawing Some other artist’s fan pages also messaged me to draw pictures for their pages.

This is the first image for “actress.soundraya” page.



this is the second picture Admin is quite surprised by this picture. I just want them to see something new and bring smiles to my friend fans and the latest picture now Some drawings from other pages



Nikhilnair_fans page

Mahavatar_babaji page

I also use this little talent of mine for charity. I accept donations by drawing a reward. A lot of people are interested. So I’m always successful in accepting donations. I’ll show you one example. She is an aunt who is my distant relative. She’s sick in bed. She lacked money to buy milk and adult diaper. The covid situation made everything worse. So I helped her as much as I could. I was in college at that time and was sick. I used to live with her for a while to recover my mental health. So I want to repay that kindness. All the money I made from the donation I sent it all to her. This is a drawing from a partial donation.


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