Impasto technique with Fevicryl products

get a certificate by Fevicryl

With Corona on the rise, all of us going through so much mental, emotional and physical turmoil. So many of us are locked away in one room away from our loved ones, with nothing than worry as our partner. So, to shift our focus from all the negative thoughts, let’s utilise this time and learn the Impasto technique with Fevicryl products.

It’s a *free session*done in association with Fevicryl.
You will *get a certificate by Fevicryl* on successful submission of the project created in the workshop.
You just have to register for this workshop by submitting the picture of all materials required for this class.

The session is on
10th May 2021
4-5 pm
Zoom Session

Sign up and let’s have a fun filled Artsy session and meet fellow art enthusiasts.

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