Anu Anand the small town girl with big dreams

I am born and brought up in Jamshedpur did my graduation there and bid adieu my hometown at the age of 21 after moving to this busy bustling city Mumbai I continued my education and completed my P.G. Diploma in financial Market Practice.
In year 2016 I participated in a beauty Pageant with no past experience in modeling walking in 6 inch heel confidently and maintaining that smile on stage was not easy I broke out and stood on my feet after falling many times during grooming session the neck throat competition and politics behind the stage taught me many life lesson. At last I won the Title First runner up and that changed my life completely and after that I participated in various beauty pageants and in year 2017 won the Runner up title of an international beauty pageant Mrs. Tiara India 2017.
I realized there is nothing in the world that can’t be achieved by being hardworking and passionate and started working as a public speaking coach for students and beauty pageants. In year 2021 I was one of the jury and public speaking coach with the Miss/Mrs. Tiara India pageant (International Pageant). During Pandemic I realized no asset is better than the good health. A person with healthy body and balanced mind can overcome all the challenges in the world.
I enrolled and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training course and started teaching Yoga online, I have clients all over the world and I conduct corporate Yoga session and sessions on physical and mental wellness in universities and colleges too. My yoga session helped people to combat obesity ,sleep disorders, backache, mood swings sciatica, joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. I intend to reach out masses through Yoga helping humanity by healing through ancient Yoga practices.
I am working as an influencer and love spending time with family. My family is my real strength without them and their support I wouldn’t have been the person who I am today. Anu Anand Mrs. Tiara India runner up 2017, Influencer, Certified Yoga coach, Public speaking coach.

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