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Festival Special Utane:

Diwali Festival is incomplete without a Abhyanga Snaana. It’s our tradition to take bath with Bath powder commonly called as Utane or Ubtan in Diwali morning. By keeping our tradition in heart we Crescent Organic has launched 2types of Utane with some traditional as well as modern touch.

Traditional Utane
Coffee Utane

Traditional Utane : It Contains all natural ingredients such as Chickpeas, Masoor dal, Neem, Aloevera, Rose powder, Nagarmotha, Haldi, Sandlewood Powder, Khus Powder, Organic Peel and essential Oils…
All ingredients are skin friendly and rejuvenate the skin from deep.. Haldi and Neem has medicinal benefits… Rose and khus provides coolness to skin..
Orange peel powder beautifies and brighten the skin…
Nagarmotha powder helps in managing any skin infections…
Cheackpeas powder and masoor dal powder helps in cleansing the skin..

Coffee Utane:
It contains Oats,Coffee powder,Cocoa powder,Vanilla Powder as well as rich essential oils.
This ubtan is best for tan removal as well as it has anti aging containts…
Rich essential oil gives freshness and repairs the skin.

Along with this we have Organic Soaps as well:

Rose Gel Bar
Tulsi Green Tea Soap
Lavender Gel Bar
Saffron Honey oatmeal soap
Aloevera cucumber Gel bar
Coffee Soap

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