I saw the fear

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

I saw the fear
When you had your first fitness test
As if you knew what it said
I saw the fear
When you heard, yes its Cancer
All you asked, is death near
You feared not meeting your son
But he came, as soon as he can
You sent him back too soon
As you feared you will be gone soon
Death is near, you felt
You called me to help
You held me, to help you Live longer.
In my arms, you breath your last
To free us all from the daily fear.
It wasnt Cancer that took you away
It wasnt the chemotherapy side effects
That paved its way for death
It was ur fearful free will ,to walk the last mile
It was ur past pain that you kept within
It was ur own suffering to make someone gain
It was all that whining and complain
That you never did
A message you left when you breath your last
Live life to the fullest
With always A smile
Do whine and rant
If that helps you make peace within
Today, for you it is I dont fear the deadly Cancer
Though it is found all around
I know we all will fight it as now we know How to Live life to the fullest

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