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OCCULT HEALLER believes your soul selects your birthday. The day you were born supposedly indicates what you need to help you achieve your life’s goals. The moment you are born, you are governed by certain numbers. The numbers start dominating all your life. You may not recognise them but they will never escape you. According to the theory of numerology, you are identified only by name and a number.

In numerology, you use what’s called the Birthday Number to get a better understanding of your day of birth.

What is the Birthday Number ?

The Birthday Number focuses on the day you were born and what impact that has on your life.

Your Birthday Number indicates one or more special talents that will serve you on your journey through life.

Your Birthday Number points out characteristics and traits you share with others born on the same day of the month, as well as those common to people whose day of month reduce to the same value.

By knowing your Birthday Number and its meaning, you can accentuate your positive traits and minimize or even eliminate the negative ones.

Calculate your Birthday Number :

This is, without a doubt, the simplest calculation in all of numerology.

To get your Birthday Number, you do the following:

1. Write down the day you were born.
2. If necessary, reduce to a single digit.

So if you were born on one of the first nine days of a month, you’re already finished. If your birthday is on the 10th or later, just keep reducing until you get a single digit. For example, if you were born on the 13th: 1 + 3 = 4

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