Chocolate Ganpati Making – FASCINATING ART

Ganesha Mural, Eco-friendly Ganesha, Indian festival, Siddhi Vinayak

Let’s make Eco-friendly Ganesha this Ganpati festival 


  • 500gms Chocolate
  • Corn starch
  • Gold colour

Ganpati Bappa Morya I feel extremely happy and blessed to have been able to make this Ganesha idol that is completely edible and hence does no harm to the environment it is completely made up of chocolate without any use of a mold. This is an environment-friendly process…we can feed that chocolate milk as Prashad to poor kids.

Do’s and dont’s We keep chocolate Bappa in the AC room if the temperature is 32’ or higher. You can keep it for all 11 days without any problem that way. Keep some whole spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks, paper corns around the idol, ants and other insects will not come. You can also mix Haldi powder with water and make a nice Rangoli/Alpana around the idol, which is also very effective to keep the ants and other insects away from the idol. The immersion will happen inside your house itself. You can immerse the idol in milk or water. First, finish the ritual with a small amount. After the ritual gets over, you can pour hot milk or water to speed up the melting process. You can stir it so that the chocolate mixes faster with milk. Material list *500 Gm Dark chocolate compound *115 Gm corn syrup *Edible golden dust color


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