Black is beautiful…

Rashmi Prasad

It is unfortunate that post colonial mindset still obsesses over and priorities fair skin. Reflect
on why this could be the case,and choose to either reject or accept this line of thought. The
wound of “colonisation” runs deep in many families and there is a mistaken assumption
that “fairer” immediately means “better” and that “darker” means worse. This is a deeply
problematic belief. The goodness of someone’s heart is not reflected in the pigmentation of
their skin. People will always talk,especially amongst circles which thrive on gossip. Your
job is not to please them, but to please yourself. Will we ever manage to emancipate
ourselves from mental slavery or will the problem eventually just go away as the world
turns beige from increased interracial marriage.
A marriage is a celebration for the feelings of love which are strong. We focus so much on
external appearance that we tend to ignore the true attractive factors of being a person.
The outer beauty fades over time and so start searching for a more realistic man ,rather
than living in the fantasy world. Color preferant maniacs still exist…

Why the hell does anyone care so much about skin color? Y is “fair” perceived to be more
attractive?It is related to personality and features, not necessarily skin color .I always
thought a good relationship is about trust,respect rather than height and all crap…Yet this
kind of “preference” seems to cut across barriers, being somewhat prevalent. People try to
find petty things to prove their superiority when they don’t have enough wits to actually be
better than someone.

It is a matter of identity, self worth and self acceptance that ,in some respects its even
essential. If we really want to control the spread of this skin bleaching virus, we first have to
admit that there is an epidemic of color prejudice in our society. We have to reject “lighter is
better”. No one can anyone else to start seeing and appreciating dark skinned beauty. Self
hatred continues the cycle of self degradation, and we can’t teach our kids about their self
worth and get them to take their history seriously, if our own sense is distorted through a
white lens.

We need to resist” beauty is light skinned message. Though,most of the world is down to
each of us,the shackles of self hatred were forged centuries ago; so freeing ourselves from
them won’t happen overnight or easily, but it is possible. It has to be,for our own sake.

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