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This life can drain the happiness right out of you. With mini disasters striking left and right, is
it any wonder you might begin to think bad about yourself. No matter how many hours u work,
you can’t get everything done on time. Your family can point out how you are less than
perfect. Even strangers can put you down. Posters on the internet can take a verbal swipe at
how you are doing. After hearing this over and over,some start to believe that they are
somehow flawed. They buy into the constant pecking which grates on even those with the
best self esteem.
Slowly it gets to you, and you wither inside thinking bad thoughts about yourself. Feeling this
way can make you cringe when you look into the mirror, and this self dread can cast a
shadow onto everything in your life. You may be fighting to keep your head above water, but
all you hear is criticism from yourself.
After a while, you begin to hear that criticism from yourself. You adopt it as your own. This
little voice inside haunts you, telling you that you are not good enough, you feel like there is
something wrong with you and may even find yourself apologizing for not being good enough.
When you internalize so much self doubt,your body absorbs it. Your body is saying, “hey,that’s
enough of this. You need a break. Take care of yourself!”

Rashmi Prasad
Rashmi Prasad

There are a lot of demands on you. It is no wonder that you can’t get everything done
perfectly. Who is a superman or a superwoman? Answer is no one. There is not one person
on the planet who satisfies everyone. It is not possible. So,allowing others to make you feel
badly is something you want to avoid. The danger of allowing it to make you sick is too great.
No matter how many people tell you that you don’t measure up,don’t let that color how you
see yourself. If you make mistakes, then you make mistakes. That doesn’t mean that you are
anything less than wonderful. You are not a failure. If you had a job,that didn’t work out, then it
was a learning experience. You need to define you. This is the only way you will find

Define the true you, don’t let anyone treat you in a way that makes you feel worthless. Think
of all the good things that you have done, and let those good thoughts fill your heart. Next
time you catch yourself having negative self thoughts, I want you to say”stop” in your mind
and remember that you are a beautiful person who deserves to better than being called a
failure. “U deserve better”. Let your spirit soar to great heights knowing that you are just fine.


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