Suparna Sain – Visual Artist

Suparna was born in Chandigarh, India. As a child, she sketched and drew in her notebooks, cultivating her soon-to-be passion with every new stroke. She would draw portraits of her friends and teachers alike, taking inspiration from and materializing her surroundings in the pages before her. By age 12, she made the jump to oil paintings, and by age 15, she began entering art competitions, the most notable one being Hindustan Machine Tools Art Contest, where she won first place. Few years later she entered the GCG Art Contest, whereupon she was again awarded first place for her figurative paintings.

Following her undergrad, she moved to Los Angeles, California, with her husband Raj Sain. In LA, Suparna decided to take on learning Computer Science and started working in the field of technology. Suparna continued exploring her passion for art and teaching herself new techniques by practicing. Her work ranges from both stylized and contemporary realism to some textured abstract paintings.

“Painting brings me happiness and it is through art that I try to capture what I cannot express in words. My paintings are diverse. I continually shift between contemporary realism and abstract art and also love the use of palette knife in my work. There are times I like focusing on realism especially human figure and there are times that I paint a little bold and add various textures to my paintings. I spent years painting in Oil and then fell in love with Acrylics and Oil Pastels as well. In some of my paintings I try to capture the little moments from my childhood.

There is always a personal connection in my paintings as they are based on either what I dream or moments that captivate me. I am inspired by the mysteriousness, the thoughts, the expressions in faces and want to arrest those in a painting forever. I hope to enrich people’s lives with my art work and to give them a reason to think and reflect”.

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