Just as each stroke in life is an essential piece of the puzzle, so is balancing the odds to find the equilibrium.
My inspiration came from my mother, a beautiful and creative being, who influenced me to take the first steps on this journey. I am from Delhi, India and majored in Commercial Arts in college. I got married and we moved to Africa in 1995. Blessed to be a fulltime mom to my 2 sons and passing them our values and love has been quintessential to me. I have been working in the corporate world for 10 years. The constant changes and incredible experiences inspired me to pick up my passion of painting again.

I have created art in different mediums such as oil pastels, watercolour, ink and pencils.nThe old masters, the detail and stroke work have had a great influence on me. Thus, my move into oils. I am so mesmerised with the feel and play of oil paints on a canvas. The textures, the smooth variations of colour and silhouettes are so captivating.

I learn, reflect, connect with each piece on a higher plain. Every painting tells its own story that is precious to each beholder, the emotion and the connect is what it’s all about to me. I have participated in a few exhibitions and have sold some precious artwork. I have done commissions for corporate companies and working on unique projects for a client’s homes. I walk this beautiful path of creativity and hope to achieve fulfilment in my passion.
Much Love and Sparkle

AMBIKV@GMAIL.COM |  0027 749430808

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