Artist and founder ART GROOVES Poornima Dayal

Poornima loves colors,dabbling with colors and textures for the past 3 decades, art is a passion for Poornima.
Oils,acrylics flow smoothly from the brush onto the tempting plates of canvas,painting a vast variety of joyful expressions. Poornima Dayal, loves painting the Divine form ,city scapes ,places of worship, festivals –
lending them an abstract touch. She is also the founder of ART GROOVES, calling it the child of Art Meet ,an online forum she started a year back. The exhibition ART GROOVES is currently on till the 28th February 2021,where talented artists ,including herself are participating. Poornima feels our country is very wealthy culturally, every site in our country can be depicted on canvas magnificently. You can view her artworks currently exhibiting at

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