ART GROOVES celebrates Women’s Day

ART GROOVES, founded by Poornima Dayal, a Mumbai based artist brings to you a special e -catalog of art works by amazing Indian woman artists from across the globe. Aiming at rejoicing Indian art and heritage, ART GROOVES appreciates talent and gives them a platform to display their works. Open to both men and women artists, it has been holding regular online Art Meet’s where artists display their works and speak about their inspirations.
This Art Meet is held once in two months on a social media platform,where it has been widely accepted. ART GROOVES recently exhibited art pieces of extremely talented artists from 26 -28th February, 2021 indeed a successful show. ART GROOVES just released its special e catalog on Woman’s day The women exhibiting their works in this e-catalog come from various spheres of life and that is well spoken through these works. Enameling on steel by Triveni Mahajan is a unique form of art. She believes in the equality of the masculine and the feminine.
Payal Sarvaiya brings out her representation through ‘Meera’. ‘Women acting upon their beliefs’, holds immense value for her. Vasudha Arora, has lent her sketches a defining look. For her motherhood is womanhood. Saluting the Divine in every woman, is founder Poornima Dayal, whose depiction of The Feminine Divine self through art is incredible. Vedha Sreeram, an art teacher brings her pen to art, drawing Mandalas, presenting her version of Prakriti. The Mother and daughter painted by Sharmila Lonkar is next to real. Young artists add more color through their imagination completing this catalog in a befitting way. Other amazing artists include Ambika Kapoor Vij, Rhea Shah, Soha Dalwai to name a few. Click here to view e-catalog

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