Divine Connection Of Women Entrepreneurs... Mostly known as,

DCOWE VISIONS initiated on 24th May’ 2017 with the thought of #EachOneSupportOne
The Vision is: If each independent woman supports atleast 1 woman to become independent, it wil make a change in the SOCIETY.

THE IDEA was to provide a platform to every woman for learning, exploring & finally evolving with their skills & talents.
Thus, creating an identity of themselves with their passionate interests. This surely has helped a larger no. of females who were sitting ideal waiting for that right opportunity to get that motivational push.

Divya Agarwal, the founder of DCOWE VISIONS has been working with many females closely to uplift their skills and make it possible for them to create their own professional brand.

It has now been 2 years in a row that DCOWE VISIONS has organised a 30 days SUMMER MASTI CAMP in the month of JUNE absolutely free for women & kids… This camp saw different categories of learnings, shared Live on Facebook everyday by the homemakers, professionals, artists under many knowledgeable topics like, Vedic Maths, Cue Math, Paintings, Occult Science, Affirmations, Health & Fitness, Zumba, Art n Craft, Chef at Home Cooking, Baking, Best Out Of Waste, Networking knowledge, Chakra Healing, …. the list goes longer…. The whole month had seen appreciations & applauds for an amazing & organised SUMMER CAMP which had no boundaries to learn or teach…

#SupportForUnderpriviledged #SupportChainByDV


Watsapp: https://wa.me/919910707900

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