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Hello guys, this is Preetilata I wanna share my summary to become a Artist, I can’t say that I am a Artist rather I’m struggling to become a famous Artist. Art was my hobby from childhood, when I see my childhood friend’s art, I’ve been inspired.

I used to think that I can do my best . After that I’ve started my art & craft work & when I reached in 7th standard, teachers really liked my art & gave me positive response then I totally fulfilled to a new hope . In a similar way I won many school level competition . When I completed my 12th standard, I was so confused that what should I do & what will perfect for me. I was confused because math was my favorite subject & I completed my 12th standard with math.

My family support me always and my school teacher & principal also said, you should choose your hobby, you can do differ & change your life. After that I met my favourite person and my real inspiration, my art teacher, Anil sir. He is best Artist for me, his teaching has been way changed my life. In reality I teach new way of living. I also like a famous watercolor Artist Udaybhan’s painting. Now I’m doing my graduation & struggling to become a Artist.
I wanna say some lines in hindi.

“तारे तो हजार है आसमां में,
मगर दिले ख्वाहिश है उस चांद को पाने की ।।
तराने तो बहुत हैं इस जमाने में,
आश सबमें कहां हार कर भी मुस्कुराने की ।।”

Hey guys I wanna say about Artist Tanu who is supporting artist and you should connect with her through Instagram which is @palletescolors . Artist Tanu, you are really doing great job for us during this difficult time. I am thankful to you.

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