Nthabiseng’s art life

My name is Nthabiseng Lehobye. I live in South Africa Johannesburg. I am a ceramic sculpture artist and a pencil sketcher. Im a self taught pencil sketcher. I learned ceramic art at b-com art gallery in my neighbourwood. Im a middle age woman who has been in the art industry for 3 years. Art has always been my calling, but it took time for me to realize & understand the beauty of art and that im blessed to be an artist. I have come to realize that everything i do involves art. When i was in high school i was a hair stylist, braiding peoples hair only realized now that it involved art.

I worked at a financial institute and corporate companies working with customers and i really didnt enjoy it because it wasnt something that involves art, then i resigned & decided that i want to work in the fashion industry which also involved art. It didn’t really work out that much because i didn’t have a plan before i started with fashion. Now i realize that my calling is sculpting and a pencil sketching. Im so in love with what i am doing rite now and i do believe it will take me far in life. I always say art is my life. I would ould like to be known internationally, as im a story teller and i believe that my art work is unique.

I have also  been involved in workshops that involves kids programs teaching kids how to do sculpturing and after noon programs at community centre for underprivileged children and it makes me really happy that they can also take it as profession not just a hobby. Im also a member of Mzansi art gallery.

Artpalettesbytanu is a good firm for my work and has good opportunities for people like me because they not only focusing on their country but also worldwide artist. I am greatful to be given the opportunity to showcase my art work so that people can know about my culture as i said before that i tell stories through my art. What i like about the firm is that Tanu is a woman and her art talks more about her sculpture and i can relate to her.


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