Sandhya Jathar

A seasoned HR professional in the banking space for 20 years.. Psychology and business economics professional; orator and OD enthusiast having won quite a few industry recognition. Art and painting keeps her grounded and allows her to explore her passion. It is the destressor from hectic corporate life. She also has a site paint for a cause intent the proceeds from the artwork to go for a charitable cause. Active runner have completed 7 10 k runs + one half marathon. Sandhya Jathar is artist with natural creativity streaks that comes from her understanding of human psychology being a trained organizational / behavioral psychologist and corporate ICF certified coach. She leverages her travels and corporate Human Resource’s exposure to bring out her own expressions of nature as well as abstract showcasing of thoughts. The paintings style is brush strokes in a waltzing with the palette knifes giving it a play of dimensions and deep intensity of expression “Mindfulness Description Shiva known for his volatile temper and the emotional spectrum as he sways from tandav (High volatile temper) to a peaceful meditative state where everything around and his own stance comes to a standstill in the moment flowing positivity and bliss.

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