Suneil Baukhandi

After graduating in Bio-chemistry and postgraduating in Business Management, I started a Small Scale Industry manufacturing specialty products for use in liquor industries, agriculture and food industries. Currently I
am engaged in manufacture of Invert Sugar, Flavour Formulations, Adhesives and several Bio-Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulators.

I took keen interest in Ajanta paintings and developed a passion for reproducing true and faithful replicas of the paintings from the world heritage cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora. I prefer to use water colour on paper for my paintings as water colours are most suited to get the desired mellowed texture of age of the Ajanta paintings. I had also displayed my paintings in my solo exhibitions in Aurangabad and Mumbai. I have the privilege to have valued clients for my paintings such as ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai, Consulate of France, UTI Bank [Now Axis Bank], Dr. B.R Ambedkar Research Centre and many other international customers.

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