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Rashmi Prasad

Rashmi Prasad is a Software Engineer By Profession. She is also Blogger, a YouTube content creator, Speaker, Editor, and a Binge Reader. Her Blog: features her writings mostly circling around women and societal norms. She says:: “The social attitude towards women needs a drastic change. Patriarchy is strongly embedded in us, and we fail to even recognize it. Folks believe that change is happening. Well, To achieve a real change in society, every family needs to be sensitive and contribute to the process. To see a change, let’s be the change”.

Her articles have been featured on Women’s Web. Her Youtube Channel:: The niche of her channel is Books. She was always fascinated by books. So to share the interest with people across; she talks about books read by her .You will get insights on the Narration, Writing Style of the author, and the type of audience the book is written for. There are videos on Advanced English Vocabulary as well. Many of us do not find that perfect word or keeping hunting for that perfect phrase. Her English sessions can really help someone’s vocabulary or writing game.
The third aspect of her channel is aligning different authors every Sunday for a Live Interview. She was fascinated by how stories are created.. what goes in the mind of the writer while he/she writes the story… So these sessions with writers; take a sneak peek into their world. Her vibrant and curious audience, eagerly wait for these interviews Every Sunday. This is an emerging Channel, and it gives a unique platform for authors to talk about their novels, and come together and guide young minds on writing techniques and The Publishing Industry. It focuses on bringing back the essence of reading which seems to be lost in today’s digital world.
Her Bookstagram: She reviews novels by new authors and her current reads. There is a detailed analysis of the book talking from the storyline to the audience who would love the novel and who can skip reading it. She wants readers, authors, writers, bloggers, and screenwriters to come together as a whole and  encourage people to read, cultivate new ideas, and change the outlook towards life. She is an active member of Toastmasters Bangalore, and Was on The Speaker’s Panel; for events hosted in Hilton Bangalore, Taj Hotel, and Royal Orchid; speaking on topics ranging from Emotional Mastery, Feminists Future, Art of StoryTelling, and Self Discovery. She is often asked ; “Being a full-time Professional, how do u wear so many hats”? Well in her words, If your body aches for creativity, you make time for it. You feed your passion in an authentic way.

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