Understanding the Notion of My Art Career

             Dinesh Agarwal

Hi! My name is Dinesh Ramkumar Agarwal. I was born in 1971 and was brought up by a middle-class family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. My father was not much educated and had a grocery shop which further helps our family financially. Since the very beginning, when I was a child, I was always fascinated by paintings and this fascination grew my interest in making drawings and paintings. Due to financial reasons, I was not able to join any art classes but still, I was able to draw and paint like the professionals. God had gifted me such beautiful talent. Even in school, I used to paint beautiful paintings on card paper size and was always excited to show my art in the class, and everyone used to appreciate me which make me feel blessed and happy. I used to make beautiful sketches too.
As time passed, I did pharmacy, and even during my studies, I spare time to polish my art skills and make paintings. There too, all the students and my teachers encouraged me and appreciated me for my paintings. With the time, the ancient Indian monuments and heritage attracted me a lot and therefore, I started a project, namely “Antiques on Canvas” which included up to 100-200 life-size paintings of ancient Indian heritage. This was a unique and precious collection and will make India proud. Later, when I was 24 years old, I started inclining towards spirituality and therefore, wanted to take ‘sanyas’ but at that time I was married and was the father of one son, so I dropped my decision for the same to support my family.

I am a great thinker and have bonafide intention to do something for the society and want to serve humanity in every possible way. I started researching art, spirituality, Ayurveda, and meditation. One of the accomplishments was that I was successful in developing six new Ayurveda medicines which could be very useful for curing the health problems in society. Moreover, I even started teaching meditation and spirituality. My paintings are a reflection of my handwork and spirituality.

Furthermore, I have participated in many National and International exhibitions and competitions. Further, I was awarded in a National Art Competition and my painting was published in the International Coffee Table book. I am also selected for “World Art Fair 2021”. I feel blessed and lucky enough to get associated with a few world-renowned artists and got a chance to work with them and learn more.

I enjoy painting realistic, figurative, semi-figurative, portraits, and many more. My greatest dream is to spread divinity throughout the world and make India “Vishwa Guru” and be a leader in every field. I work for my inner satisfaction and joy. Hence, tries to put possible minute detailing in every painting. I am grateful for everything.
Furthermore, I would love to mention the hard work done by Tanushree for uplifting and promoting the artists through her firm called “Art Palettes by Tanu”

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