9th August 2021 to 15th August 2021 

Weekly Progress Report of Shiksha Samaroh, Complied by :- Mrs. Usha Vardhan Sharma

Mr. Nagtuba John Ngiimai from Nagaland taught his class X students , the concept of Quadratic Equation and finding roots using Quadratic formula.

Mrs. Chandana Dutt from Bihar ,    prepared class 9th students for Independence Day Celebration. She guided them for speech, poem recitation and national anthem song to be sung in the right way.

Children had put their heart and soul in their performances and came up to the expectation of their teacher.

Mrs Shreen Vardhan Sharma and her team from Noida

prepared her students for various online events on the occasion of 75 th Independence Day. The kids made beautiful and colourful drawings for the event. The students did practice for their live performances e.g. poem recitation, dance and song along with their regular classes , in this way even their oratory  skills were honed.The class routine was not at all disturbed.The children had displayed an exemplary mass participation on this National Independence Day.

Ms. Riya, West Bengal- organised a workshop for the college students on ‘self reflection ‘through stories. It was a part of mental health improvement program for children which turned out to be highly beneficial for the students.

Mr. Ajay Kumar from Jammu and Kashmir taught the concept of how to Coordinate Geometry ‘ to his student.

Mrs. Ashima from Uttrakhand  distributed books and stationary to children from humble background. She made her students participate in Rakhi Making Workshop ,conducted by Mrs. Madhu Sehgal. It has inspired them to make more and use the newly acquired skill to earn money and be financially secure.

A pad distribution and Menstrual health awareness program was also conducted in her supervision which was indeed helpful as well as beneficial for girls.

Mr. Mahesh from Mumbai did in collaboration with the movement started with the concept of plantation drive to plant trees and save trees .Indeed a great step towards’ Saving  Our Environment ‘ and making our planet greener and healthier.

Mr. Ajit from Patna contributed his Research Contents titled as ” Ttpes of Sampling in Research” among the scholars of underdeveloping countries.

Mrs. Manisha Mehta from Gujarat wrote a story of beti for her blind students. For the past many years she has been actively working with them. Her dedication towards her work and children is really commendable.

Dr. Nandi Parek from Navi Mumbai has worked on ‘Tejasvi balak tejasvi Bharat’ a dream project by our Prime Minister and vice chancellor of  Children ‘s University – Shri Harshad Bhai Shah. It is the only university in the world for a ‘Child In Womb. As a part of their Job , they are handling and giving free pre – pregnancy Online consultation for Pre and post pregnancy consultation under the banner  of ‘ Garbh Sanskar Classes. She also arranges yoga, Gharbh Samvad, art and intellectual activities for these ladies . With this commitment and dedication our future is certainly in the right hands.A great service to humanity.

On the whole there was lot of hustle bustle of activities and colourful performances on 75 th Independence Day with zeal and zest .

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