Moti Chamdi Wala is a hilarious play by Kamal Kabuliwala

Moti Chamdi Wala is a hilarious play translated from German to hindi and directed by Kamal Pruthi. The play is with an underlined message on super sensitive topic of bullying in schools and colleges. The play was premiered last week at Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi.
Almost every child goes through bullying in one or the other form due to their skin colors, body shape, caste, intelligence, dullness, height, sexual orientation, introvert or extrovert behaviour, for not scoring well or even scoring well.
Bullying comes in all forms be it exclusion, name calling, bitching and physical attack. Some students go in their comfort zones to avoid being bullied, some get counselled by their best friends, siblings, parents or teachers but some of them carry the trauma of being bullied for many years and some even succumb to it and end up committing suicide.
What happens to Raghu when he enters his new school, his new clasdroom? And what insecurities are his class mates going through? Are they deliberately bullying him or are they themselves in some fear?

Kamal Kabuliwala-Performing Artist
Kamal Kabuliwala-Performing Artist

What all funny ways does Raghu, who is apparantly a gainda for the others, try to make friends in his new class? Who helps him who doesn’t?
Watch the play Moti Chamdi Wala translated by Kamal Pruthi and find out how the story unfolds.
The award winning play has a universal appeal and is relatable for children of all age groups, college students, teachers, parents, educators, counsellors and everyone who loves to laugh, forgive, brainstorm, discuss solutions and get ahead in life.

Kamal Kabuliwala-Performing Artist
Kamal is a Performance Storyteller, Actor, Theatre Director, Literary German Hindi translator, lyricist, costume designer and a Short film Maker.

Kamal Pruthi popularly known as Kabuliwala has been one of the most renowned performance storytellers in India. As a Performance Storyteller, he is the creator of Zabanikhela folk art form of performance storytelling and Museum theatre form of Storytelling. A polyglot, Kamal has so far directed 9 plays in 17 languages, has performed in 20 plays in 9 languages and has written 33 songs in 3 languages. He has represented India internationally in Germany, Poland, Bangladesh, Hungary and other countries through 15 international scholarships, 4 international awards and 3 art residencies.

A wanderer Kabuliwala has so far travelled 6 countries, 12 states and 20 cities of India with more than 300 power packed solo musical and ensemble theatrical performances like Kabuliwala, Mullah Nasruddin, Bruno Bahadur, Baharupiya, Aaina, Confuzed Gods, Aadab Manto Saheb and Sheikh Habibi. Kamal has created 2 productions with the real Snake Charmers as well.

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